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I am a Lyft or Uber driver. What now?

Are you falling for these traps?

How do I get you my documents?

Submit this form and we’ll send you a link to setup an account on our cloud storage site – then upload all you want. You will always have access to your documents and tax returns. If you prefer to take a picture of a document with your phone,  we recommend Whatsapp for texting documents as Whatsapp encrypts text messages.

I haven’t filed tax returns in years can you help?


I owe the IRS a lot of money can you help?

We are not tax attorneys or specialists in this space. We can help you find one though!

I am self employed and don’t have any financial statements prepared. Can you help?


How do I get a free tax return?

Simple, our business grows by referral. If you’re happy with our services and you refer someone to us who uses our services, you get a free tax return.

How do your planning services work?

We charge a separate fee for planning services that varies with the amount of effort expended and is not received in connection with preparing a tax return. We start with understanding your goals, discussing strategies that work for your unique situation, and assist with implementing the plan. We don’t do planning unless the savings cover the fee.

Do I really need receipts for meals?

No. Anything under $75 doesn’t require a receipt (Section 1.274-5(c)l IR 95-56.) Use your phone to capture them. The meal has to be for a specific business purpose – prospecting is ok – but the prospect must be a real prospect.

I am getting a divorce. What should I not do?

If there’s a house, don’t buy your ‘share’ of the house from your ex-spouse.