Short Term Rentals in Denver

AirBnb does not provide a line item for city occupancy taxes for Denver as it does for Colorado Springs, Golden and Boulder so it’s important to charge Denver Lodger’s tax to the guest either included in your rate, through the resolution center, or at check in and remit it (10.75%) to the city. The 4% state lodging tax is already collected and remitted for you. But what is the Denver Lodger’s tax based on ? Per Denver’s website, Lodger’s tax is due on the entire amount charged for the lodging, which includes the charge for the rental, any fees added by the host, (such as cleaning fees, pet fees, etc.).

Importantly the total amount includes any fees or charges that are required in order to obtain the lodging so yes, you effectively pay Denver Lodger’s tax on AirBnb’s host fee! Don’t despair these taxes and fees are all deductible. Let us help you with this!

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